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  • PDU installation options

For users who need clean AC power sources, Asian Electron has developed a whole new series, YK-PST 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverters + Bypass Function (PST series).

With the Advanced AC Transfer Switch, the PST series provides instant protection in the event of instability in the AC power source or a power surge, and automatically switches from the AC power source to the DC power source (DC - AC Inverter Mode) within only 6 ~ 8 ms, which prevents the function of electronic appliances from being interrupted.

With a digital display, the Pure Sine Wave Inverters with Bypass Function provide more information, allowing users to monitor their power system. This PST series is CE / FCC approved. Data sheet


  • POWERVAR Industrial Power Conditioning- Make sure you avoid lost productivity, idled manpower, delivery penalties, and damaged or destroyed work in progress in the industrial world. http://www.powervar.com/industrial.php