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AlphaCell SMU-F


AlphaCell SMU-F


The AlphaCell™ SMU-F battery has front access terminals and is specifically designed for telecommunication applications. With Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, the SMU-F is a highly reliable, versatile and cost effective VRLA battery. This high performance, long life battery is available in 12V ranging from 50 to 170Ah.


  • Power range from 50 to 170Ah
  • Deep cycle capability
  • Strong, corrosion-resistant grid design
  • Deep cycle discharge recovery
  • Optional rugged flame-retardant casing to UL94-VO
  • 3-year full warranty

  • General Specifications
    Model AlphaCell SMU-F 12V
    Standard Warranty 3yr full plus 12yr pro-rated
    Battery Type Valve regulated lead acid
    Range of Capacity 50 to 170Ah
    Recommended Float Voltage 13.5VPC @ 20°C / 68°F
    Operating Temperature 25°C / 77°F
    Terminal Type Threaded Copper Insert Front Terminal Adapter


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