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IREM Isolating transformers IT series

IREM Isolating transformers IT series


The power supply of telecommunication plants and FM/TV relay stations has always entailed numerous problems and specific needs which are difficult to meet. We refer to the difficulty of reaching the installation sites for carrying out maintenance, to the exposure to atmospheric discharges and to the length of electric lines with consequent voltage drops.
The operators of TLC plants are well aware of the direct and indirect costs deriving from a bad power supply. As a matter of fact, the costs deriving from service interruption and from "low audience efficiency" must be added to the failures which may occur to the plants.
In order to obtain the maximum economic yield from the service, it is fundamental to build an electric plant assuring a good plant protection and the operators safety. Since the isolating transformer is one of the most important components of the electric plant, the use of a specific product is essential.
These models share the ability of satisfy different and specific needs in the telecommunication field. Each series shows peculiar technical features designed for different kinds of TLC systems. Isolating transformers with different mechanical and electrical features can be manufactured on customer's request.
All models are characterized by recessed concentric winding configuration, low output impedance and insensitiveness to load power factor, in order to assure high attenuation and good galvanic separation of the loads from the line.

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