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IREM MINISTAB Voltage Stabilisers


IREM MINISTAB Voltage Stabilisers


IREM Ministab voltage stabilizers are electromechanical devices with electronic control designed to ensure stabilized powering to single-phase and three-phase loads of small and medium powers.


IREM Ministab voltage stabilizer is equipped with a control circuit that constantly monitors the line voltage at true voltage (RMS) and compares it with the pre-set voltage value to be kept constant.
The architecture of IREM Ministab voltage stabilizer allows to achieve high values of regulation speed and stabilization accuracy.
The choice of adopting the booster configuration for the entire range, avoids the presence of mobile contacts in series to the line, makes the equipment insensitive to the load power factor, prevents the introduction of harmonic distortions and allows to achieve high efficiency levels, resulting in reduced heat dissipation and minimization of operating costs in relation to the benefits obtained.



  • Multi range: one model meets 4 levels of compensation and power
  • Toroidal variable autotransformer
  • Power range: from 1 to 350 kVA
  • Compact dimensions: “case” for single-phase M and threephase T models, “tower” for three-phase Y models.


Warranty: 5 years

Natural convection: fan-free for IP21 versions.

Heavy duty power: the declared performance is always ensured in the most severe and critical conditions (continuous service at nominal power with minimum input voltage, highest input current and at the declared ambient temperature)

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