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IREM MINISTATIC electronic line conditioners

IREM MINISTATIC electronic line conditioners


They have specific performances to power electronic appliances with medium to low powers that require a particularly high stabilisation speed such as: process and numerical controls, robotics, medical equipment, telecommunications and computers.

The range is made up of standard models with powers ranging from 0.5 to 24 kVA. Furthermore, because the manufacturing criteria make these conditioners highly versatile, on request, versions can be designed with customised specifications for the most varied applications.

TS series
The range is made up of single-phase models with powers ranging from 500 VA to 8 kVA. The noiseless operation, the compact size and fitness for use make them ideal for installation in offices and laboratories as well as in professional applications like automotive, chemical, food and telecommunications industry.

TST Series
This range is made up of three-phase models with powers from 6 to 24 kVA. It is particularly suitable for powering NC machine-tool equipment, automation plants and telecommunications systems.
These models are fitted with delta-star isolating transformer and create a “real neutral” and subsequently make it possible to have a single-phase 230 V voltage using a three-phase 400 V plant without neutral.


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