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IREM STEROGUARD electrodynamic line conditioners


IREM STEROGUARD electrodynamic line conditioners


They provide a maximum level of protection to high power appliances, with high electromagnetic susceptibility, connected to distribution lines disturbed by sudden voltage variations, high frequency interferences and voltage spikes.
The regulation system is made up exclusively of magnetic components capable of supporting loads with high inrush currents. The use of electronic components is limited to the control of the mains and of magnetic components stabilising the voltage. Thanks to these features, the electromechanical line conditioners stand apart for their high electromagnetic immunity and for the absolute reliability. They are, therefore, particularly suitable for powering radio-TV transmitters, telephone systems, radar systems, motors, compressors, pumps, medical equipment, machine tools and so on.
Thanks to their constructive features, maintenance can be carried out even by technical staff with only a basic knowledge of electrical installations.

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