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Single to three- phase converter Booster™ E

Single to three- phase converter Booster™ E


The Booster™E converts single-phase power to three-phase power. The usual supply voltage is 230V single phase. The output is 400V three-phase, pure sine wave. The phases are separated by 120 degrees, the same as found with utility supplied power.A Booster™senses starting load motors. It produces high boost currents as long as it takes to accelerate a motor to full speed. All motors, small and large, accelerate fast. A Booster™ rides through blackouts, brownouts, power surges, fast transients, momentary short-circuits and line disturbances as no other product. The rigid self-protected digital SCR controller guarantees a long life. The German bearings inside the internal motor generator do not require service. Soft motor mounts reduce the running noise to a minimum. A Booster™ has no switches, no controls, no indicators.

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