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KSTAR KSE Series Hybrid Inverter (048)


KSTAR KSE Series Hybrid Inverter (048)


KSE Series Hybrid Inverter(048S)

KSE Series Hybrid Inverter can control the flow of energy intelligently and protect against power outage. The PV energy can be provided to the load, fed into the public grid and charge the battery during the daytime. And the energy stored in the battery can be discharged to power the load during night time. The public grid can also charge the battery via the hybrid inverter.



General Features

● Easy I&M

● Friendly and Intelligent

● Safe and Reliable

● Efficient Conversion

Technical Parameters
Model  KSE-2K-048S  KSE-3K-048S KSE-3.6K-048S KSE-5K-048S
PV Input Data  
Max. PV input power  2600W 3900W 4800W 6000W
Max. PV input voltage    550Vdc(*1)
MPPT voltage range   120~500Vdc 120~500Vdc 
Rated input voltage  420Vdc 420Vdc
Number of MPPT trackers   1 2
 MPPT range for full load  236~500V        178~500V                    219~500V                         273~500V
Max. PV input current   11A 11A*2
 AC Output data(On-grid)  
 Rated output voltage  230Vac 230Vac   230Vac 230Vac 
Output voltage range
 150V~280V 150V~280V 150V~280V 150V~280V
 Output frequency range  50 / 60Hz (±5Hz) (adjustable) 
Max. current from utility grid
Max. apparent power from utility grid
Max. power output to utility grid
    3000W                                 3680W                       5000W(*2)

Max. current output to utility grid 9A    13.5A                                   16A                            22A(*3)
AC output connection L+N+PE, Transformerless     
Power factor (cosФ) 1(0.8 leading ~0.8 lagging) (adjustable)
THDi  <3%
Battery Input  
Battery type   Lead-acid or Li-ion
Rated battery voltage   48V
Depth of discharging Li-ion 90%DOD(10%~90% adjustable) / Lead-acid 50%DOD(10%~50% adjustable)
Max. conversion efficiency (from battery)   94.0%
Max. conversion efficiency (from PV)   97.6%
Euro efficiency    97.0%
 Protection function   Short Circuit Protection, AC Leakage Fault Protection, Grounding Fault Protection, Anti-islanding Protection, Overload Protection, Surge Protection, DC Polarity Protection 

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