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Tripplite PDU3XMV6G32

Tripplite PDU3XMV6G32


3-Phase Metered PDU, 22.2kW, 42 220/230V outlets (36 C13, 6 C19), IEC309 32A Red (3P+N+E) 380/400V input, 0u vertical, TAA

  • Metered 22.2kW 3 Phase 380/400V input 220/230V output PDU
  • Visual meter reports output amps per bank, total kW and input voltage
  • IEC309 32A Red (3P+N+E) 3 phase 380/400V input, 6 ft. / 1.8m line cord
  • 42 220/230V outlets (36 C13, 6 C19) with included plug-lock cord retention sleeves
  • 0U Vertical Rackmount with Toolless button-mount installation
  • TAA Compliant


  • 22.2kW 3 phase 380/400V input, 220/230V output Metered Power Distribution Unit / PDU
  • Visual display with scroll function enables selection of breakered load banks 1-6 for output current reporting in amps, total kW output and PDU input voltage
  • Attached IEC309 32A Red (3P+N+E) 3 phase 380/400V input, 6 ft. / 1.8m line cord
  • 0U, 70 in. / 178cm vertical form factor supports installation in 2 or 4 post equipment racks
  • 42 total 220/230V outlets (36 C13, 6 C19) arranged in 6 separately breakered single phase output load banks
  • Included cord retention sleeves keep vital network equipment plugged in and continuously powered
  • Toolless mounting supported in button-mount compatible racks, plus nut-and-bolt mounting brackets for other mounting applications (set of 2 9mm buttons pre-installed, 2 9mm and 4 6mm spare buttons included)
  • Federal Trade Agreements Act / TAA Compliant for GSA Schedule purchases
  • Specifications

    Reported Load Segments Supports monitoring of input current per phase (L1, L2, L3) and output current for 6 separately breakered load banks (B1-B6); Outlets are color-coded and labelled for easy phase and load bank identification; L1-N feeds black outlets (B1, B4); L2-N feeds dark-gray outlets (B2, B5); L3-N feeds light-gray outlets (B3, B6)
    Front Panel LCD Display Large 3-digit display reports Amperage, Kilowatts, Voltage, Unbalance percentage; Small 2-character display verifies the measurement the large display is reporting: Input-phase (L#), Load bank (B#), Load unbalance (UB), Output power (OP)
    Front Panel LEDs Set of 6 LEDs verify the value displayed on the large 3-digit display: Amperage (A), Kilowatts (kW), Voltage (V), Unbalance percentage (%UB); One additional LED for each output load bank (B1-B6) offers information power availablity: GREEN (Power ON with <80% load), YELLOW (Power ON with >80% load), RED (Power OFF / undervoltage), RED FLASHING (Power OFF / breaker trip)
    Switches Set of UP/DOWN arrow buttons scroll through available Input, Bank, Power and Load balance options; Additional MODE button advances the LEDs to view available sub-options for each measurement category
    Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm) 194.5 x 15 x 17.5
    Shipping Weight (kg) 9.3
    Unit Dimensions (hwd / cm) 177.8 x 5.51 x 6.32
    Unit Weight (kg) 6.49
    Material of Construction Metal
    Form Factors Supported Vertical rackmount installation supported with included mounting brackets; supports toolless mounting in button-mount compatible racks
    PDU Form Factor Vertical (0U)
    Operating Temperature Range 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
    Storage Temperature Range 5 to 140F (-15 to 60C)
    Relative Humidity 5-95% non-condensing
    Operating Elevation (m) 0-3000
    Certifications Tested to CE (IEC 60950-1, EN55022, EN55024), EN Class A (Emissions), ROHS Compliant, TAA Compliant
    Product Warranty Period (Worldwide) 2-year limited warranty
    PDU Type Metered
    Outlet Level Metering No
    Output Capacity Details 23kW (415/240V), 22.2kW (400/230V), 21.1kW (380/220V), 20kW (360/200V) total capacity; 32A max per output phase (L1, L2, L3); 16A max per breakered outlet bank; 16A max per C19 outlet; 10A max per C13 outlet
    Frequency Compatibility 50 / 60 Hz
    Output Receptacles (36) C13; (6) C19
    Output Nominal Voltage 220 (380V input); 230 (400V input)
    Overload Protection 6 20A double-pole circuit breakers (2 per output phase)
    Outlet Type IEC-C13, IEC-C19
    Individual Outlet Switching No
    PDU Input Voltage 380; 400
    Maximum Input Amps 32
    PDU Plug Type IEC-309 32A RED (3P+N+E)
    Input Cord Length (m) 1.83
    Input Phase 3-Phase

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